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A Family Business Born from Passion

Shirley Heights Equestrian Centre was established in 1987. We are passionate about making a key difference in the relationship with you and your horse, you as a rider and the general performance and wellness of your equine loved one.


We specialise in retraining high quality Off The Track Thoroughbred’s. We provide personalised classes for all levels, beginner, novice and advanced, to ensure you are always at your best. We are also passionate about the holistic approach we use in our classical dressage training for both clients and on sale.


We are located in the picturesque Yarra Valley just a short drive from Melbourne. The centre is surrounded by rolling hills and clean country air.


The Broxam Family have a long passionate history in the equine industry providing personalised care and professional coaching for several decades.


The new development of our boutique equestrian centre is well underway and aims to be one of the best in the industry.

Turning a Vision into Reality

I’m filled with pride to be stepping up and recommencing the family business here at Shirley Heights Equestrian Centre together with the humbling support of my parents.

I was literally born into the equine industry and have immersed myself under the guidance of my mentors who also happen to be my grandparents and mother. I continue to be coached by my amazing mother, Denise Broxam to this day.

I am so passionate about the work I do, training such incredible horses and thoroughly enjoy seeing them succeed under my loving guidance. I also enjoy nothing more than seeing my student riders light up each time their confidence grows.

I’m looking forward to growing this boutique Equestrian Centre and breathing new life into something that is such a big part of my heart.

Kylie Broxam
Director, Coach & Trainer

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Denise has been in the business of training for decades. Her passion grew from an early age, practically born into the world of horses and working with her own mother who was the Founder of Shirley Heights Equestrian Centre in 1987. 

Her passion and dedicated hard work in this industry continues today. It couldn't make her happier that her daughter is carrying on the great work of the family and hopes it will continue for generations to come.

Denise Broxam
Director, Coach & Trainer
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